New Year, New Challenges!

This past month I have started a new job as Meeting Architect of Kenes Group. Kenes is one of the largest PCOs specialized in medical congresses, with offices all over the world, from Bangkok to Buenos Aires!

I shall work with Kenes’ internal teams and clients to design more interactive and effective congresses and measure the results.

The congress sector is undergoing many changes and there is more pressure than ever to deliver effective events that will continue to attract many delegates. As far as I am aware, Kenes is the first PCO to create the position of Meeting Architect, focusing on the content and results of meetings.

I am thrilled to have been offered this opportunity, it is a really unique position, but I’m scared too, breaking new ground means failures as well as successes…

In this blog I will be sharing what I learn in this exciting new journey. Stay tuned!


One response to “New Year, New Challenges!

  1. Sounds really interesting but what is a Meetings Architect? In simple English. I’d like to hire one of those


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