Another reason to become a meeting designer

Just this morning I’ve come across an article from Meetpie where the director of a ‘traditional’ events agency (that is, mainly focused on the logistics of events) was claiming how Internet is a big threat to their services.

Since their main income comes from booking venues and flights, now their clients are increasingly doing it themselves. Personally, I always skip the ‘middle men’ when I book my travels or holidays. That is not to say that organising the logistics for 5,000 delegates is quite the same as my personal holidays! But, I’m sorry for this man but I think this was bound to happen. Although I understand his concern, I hope he realises that this ‘threat’ is also a big opportunity…

Let’s face it: this one and other major shifts (like the increasing use of virtual or hybrid events), from my point of view, are turning event agencies solely focused on logistics in obsolete business models. Or at least, there won’t be enough room for all of them.

On the other hand, event professionals focused on the content of events can take advantage of all the new trends and become an essential partner.

Do you think this is a statement too bold? Where do you see the role of a meeting designer in 5 years time?


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