Marketing events, a real option?

When I finished writing my last post, I realized that at the end I talk about different concepts that need further explanations.

Today I would like to address the subject of Experiential Marketing. The market research done by Eventoplus concludes with some advice for events agencies. It talks about ‘brand personality’, ‘touch points’, ‘live brand experience’, in other words, it encourages event professionals to embrace marketing events, or also called Experiential marketing.

Experiential has been the buzz word in marketing for the past few years. People are tired of  ‘push’ marketing techniques and authors such as O’Sullivan & Spangler or Pine & Gilmore have been putting together a recipe to stage events that engage customers in a new dimension. Many experiential agencies have jumped on the bandwagon and today it’s pretty common to find these so-called live brand experiences going on. Too common I’d say.
In my humble opinion, if I were an events agency, I’d think it twice before taking Eventoplus’ advice. Although I do agree events need to be more strategic, I think that for ‘traditional’ event agencies, to embark on organising marketing events it’s too bold and risky. Marketing agencies are already doing that, and they’re doing it very good.

On the other hand, ambassadors of experiential marketing claim proudly that this is not just a trend, that it’s a complete paradigm shift. But again here I disagree. Yes, marketing events are successful in the beginning, but I think eventually consumers will grow tired of them, just like it has happened to other marketing techniques.

I don’t know how long this trend will last. But anyway, I’m not sure if for an events agency is worth the effort it needs to shift into this direction.

What are your thoughts about Experiential Marketing? Do you think it’s a temporary trend or is here to stay?

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