Why I celebrate that communication agencies are organizing more events than travel agencies

Today I’ve come across a market research done by Eventoplus (the Spain’s main magazine dedicated to the MICE industry) to analyze the situation of the sector in 2010.

Among many other trends, the study points out how every time more communication agencies are integrating events management within their services. This might dislike some current event professionals, but at least to me it makes sense. Perhaps my opinion is biased, because I graduated in college with a Communications degree (PR and Advertising). During the degree, events were present all the time, and it was an obvious professional path for a lot of my classmates.

My surprise arrived when I graduated. Looking for a job in the events sector with a background in PR didn´t make sense at all to the recruiters I talked to. I couldn´t understand why, on the other hand, they were recruiting people coming from the Hospitality & Tourism side. Now that I have much more knowledge about the Events industry I do understand it, but I believe that the events industry will be much better off if it starts welcoming communication professionals. In my humble opinion, if we want to integrate events within a marketing strategy, someone coming from PR is more capable of doing it than someone from Hospitality or Tourism… I guess what I´m saying is, let´s stick with what we´re better at, so leave the substance to the communication professional and the details for the hospitality specialist… And by the way, PR is much more than just writing press releases!

What do you think about communication agencies getting more market share in the events industry? Should we perhaps call ´experiential marketing’ to the events they do?

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