A day in the life of an events professional

Today it’s been a meaningful day for me.

In the morning I’ve attended the workshop of the new IML Connector. For those who don’t know it, it’s a new tool to use at meetings that has many uses, like voting or text messaging. It looks like a Blackberry, and overall I’ve been greatly impressed with all the features. There’s also been an interesting discussion between the IML people and all the meeting planners that were there. I’ve had the chance to post some interesting questions, such as how do you prevent people not getting distracted from the speaker? (playing with this device rather than listening to the session…) or does this allow to collect demographic data from the surveys?

Besides, I’ve had the chance to talk to some senior meeting planners. To my surprise, they’ve told me that it’s not difficult at all to convince their clients to use new technologies. I thought they might be still a bit reluctant, but looks like event technologies are really catching on, and organisers are using them because they want to be ‘edgy’.

In the evening I’ve attended another workshop, this time it was organized by a hotel chain and it was located in a fancy restaurant in Central London. There were present many hotels from around the world and there were a couple of hours to go around and talk to each one. The most interesting parts for me were asking about which steps are they taking towards sustainability, and which facilities they provide.

Overall, I’ve enjoyed both sessions very much and learned some valuable information. I hope that in the near future I can give advice to my clients about why or why not they should use the IML connector.


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